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The Heart & Vascular Center of Fort Worth

We are an outpatient catheterization lab and ambulatory surgery center (ASC) in Ft. Worth, Texas, servicing Fort Worth and surrounding communities. Our professional, experienced staff welcomes you with a dedication to providing quality care. We exist to serve each patient’s needs.

The Heart & Vascular Center of Fort Worth specializes in the performance of outpatient cardiac and peripheral vascular procedures, including the following heart and vascular procedures:

Overview Information

Our mission is to provide quality care in a safe, compassionate and professional manner. Our experienced staff is dedicated to providing quality patient care. We offer advanced technology performed in a safe and comfortable environment, allowing you to return to the comfort of your home the same day as your procedure.

The Heart & Vascular Center of Fort Worth has met all licensing standards for quality care and safety. If at any time you have concerns or questions regarding your procedure, please feel free to contact us.

Before Procedure

  • Our staff will call you the day before your procedure to give you detailed instructions, and to answer any questions you may have.
  • Any changes in the patient’s physical condition (like a cold or fever) or if you need to cancel or change your procedure date, please notify your cardiologist before coming to the Center.
  • Please arrange for a responsible adult to drive you to and from the Center, and to remain with you for 24 hours following your procedure.
  • If you wear glasses or contacts, you may want to bring a case to keep them in.
  • You may take your morning medications the day of the procedure. If you take medications for diabetes or blood thinners, check with your cardiologist regarding when or if you should stop taking it prior to your procedure.

PLEASE: No food, drink or water after midnight the day of your procedure. You may brush your teeth while taking care not to swallow any water.

Day of Procedure

  • Wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing the day of your procedure.
  • Leave all jewelry and valuables at home. We cannot be responsible for lost or damaged property.
  • It is important that you arrive at the center 1 hour before your scheduled procedure.
  • Bring all of your medications, including any additional prescriptions that your doctor may have given you.
  • Your insurance cards and identification will be required at the time of check in. Please bring copies of any advance directive forms or medical power of attorney documents.
  • In consideration of other guests, no more than two (2) family members per patient please.

After Procedure

  • Upon discharge you will be provided detailed post care instructions, including a written copy for you to take home.
  • You will not be able to drive, and a responsible adult should remain with you for 24 hours after your procedure.
  • Following your procedure, expect restrictions on your activity level, and instructions to rest the remainder of the day.

Insurance and Billing

  • Your personal insurance information will be required before the procedure. We will make every effort to take care of this in advance. You will be responsible for any deductible and co-pay according to your plan.
  • The Business Office will contact you to discuss how you will be paying for your deductible, etc.
  • We accept checks, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.
  • All estimation of fees will be available for discussion before the procedure.
  • We will file a claim with your insurance company after the procedure.

Do you have questions?

Call us now at (817) 332-1818 and we'd be happy to address your questions or concerns.